My Book Organization Voyage


A few weeks ago I made this post about different ways to organize your bookshelf. I told you all that I was going to try each of these nine different ways to organize a bookshelf on my own and which one to keep. Well…I have to say I stopped organizing my bookshelf after only one time. I know, I know. I’m sorry. I backed out on my promise, but I was pressed for time and I learned that reorganizing over a hundred books is hard to do. Who knew?

I decided I wanted to organize them by spinal color because of my fascination with rainbows and colors. My organization adventure consisted of taking all of my books off my shelves, piling them together to create book towers, and then separating them into different “hue piles” as I referred to them as.

My book towers. When taking a picture the shortest tower actually fell on my foot.

My book towers. When taking one of the many pictures I took the shortest tower actually fell on my foot.

I had fun doing this…towards the beginning, but after a while I found myself getting frustrated. I wasn’t sure which pile I should put certain books in because the spine had multiple colors on it. I think the worst were the books with covers that had a face on it, like the Uglies by Scott Westerfeld, which wrapped around the spine. For the most part I resolved this dilemma by looking at which color the spine had the most of and put it into that pile.

And here is the finished product, after a lot of hair pulling (on my part) and some unplanned lap time (on my dog’s part).

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I think my shelf turned out great…well it at least looks better than the eye-sore it was before. I honestly don’t know if I want to change it at this point. I’ll get back to you all on that feeling after I pull the first book off the shelf since rearranging. But I did want to leave you all with a few things I noticed while organizing my books.

  • Organizing based on colors can be hard. As I mentioned this was probably my biggest obstacle. The best thing I learned from this experience is to go with what you think is best because, in the end, you are the person you are trying to please.
  • A lot of books have dark covers and have a fantasy element to them. I had a hard time trying to fit all of these books on the top shelf. Looking back I probably should have put them on the bottom shelf where there was probably more room. Oh well. C’est la vie. I did notice that many of the books I had in this pile had a darker tone or supernatural/paranormal theme to the books.
  • Many “romance” novels had pink or red covers. Now this is not necessarily true, but many of the books that I to have more of a romantic focus in it had pink covers. The more action packed, adventurous books on this shelf had a red spine. I’ll leave my opinion on this with an article Cathy posted.
  • Separating a book series is weird. It really is! I like a series to go together (being from the same author and all), but not every book in a series will have the same cover/spinal color. So if you are like me this may feel wrong, but I think you’ll find it worth it in the end.

So what do you guys think? Are there any trends you can see happening with cover/spinal colors and books? Anything from Katy Guest’s article you want to comment on? Sound off below.

What’s to come: Here in a few weeks I will blog about my first experience at the InPrint Festival here at Ball State. It’s been really great to be surrounded by these newly published authors and other writers but more on that next time.


10 thoughts on “My Book Organization Voyage

  1. I appreciate you admitting frustrations with the organization process. I feel as though I would get frustrated as well. I really love the color organization method. It is so pretty! Maybe I’ll try it when I move.

  2. We need to talk– I need to borrow some of those books, especially Bitterblue from the blue section! We totally should give each other recs on fantasy books, I want some more to read~! 😀

  3. What made you want to put your books in order by color? I just recently organized mine by publishing date because I felt like it separated the books in a way where I could choose based on what I was interested in that moment.

  4. Whenever I have a lot of books I don’t have a good bookshelf and when I have a good bookshelf I don’t seem to have the books to flesh it out. I am really OCD about the way books sit on the shelf though so I really don’t know if I could do this kind of thing especially after hearing how hard it was for Cathy to find things when she wanted them.

  5. Oh gosh – just the thought of separating a book series makes my stomach turn! I’ve always loved the idea of the color coordinated bookshelf, buuuuuut…. that seems like a painfully illegal maneuver. Kudos to you for the experiment!

  6. It would be interesting, but I could never separate books in a series. I feel like it would be very traumatic for the books. As if they were little orphan siblings and I was sending them to different parents in different cities.

  7. The little organization that I do, and believe me it is nearly nonexistent, still requires me to keep series together. You monster!!! haha. It’s definitely a pretty result, but I don’t think that organization scheme is for me. I think I would probably lean toward genre separation if anything.

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  9. I thought this was interesting. I never thought of organizing books by color, but I’m not surprised that there are themes among certain genres. I’m a little too ocd for this method, but it’s great food for thought.

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