About Me

My name is Heather Hood and I’m from a small farming community in northwestern Indiana. I grew up there my entire life and graduated high school with the same sixty people I started kindergarten with. I have a larger family, with my parents and four older brothers and their extended families.picofme

After graduating high school, I came to Ball State as an English Major and ultimately found my concentration in Creative Writing and my minor in Professional Writing. I am now a senior and will soon graduate.

Now the fun stuff. What should I tell you? Well first off I will admit that I am an avid reader, specifically of Young Adult genre. I probably own more than 150 books—not counting the ebooks I own on my Kindle. It is this genre that helped me decide that I wanted to be a book editor—a YA book editor. Beyond writing and reading, some of my favorite things to do include hanging out with friends and family, playing The Sims 3, photography, and traveling.

Well that is all I can think to say about me, but if you want to know anything else, just contact me and I will tell you anything that I can.



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